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Session 1
The Theme of Flood Stories, Lost Lands and Drowned Continents in World Mythology : State of the Arts, History of Scholarship, Case Studies, Area Studies, and Comparative Studies

History of the scholarship on this theme; myths and symbols in particular areas of the world, touching on the given theme and motifs of the great flood, lost lands, and drowned continents – local, national, regional and international levels

Session 2
Survivals, Remnants and Vestiges of Probable Pre-Diluvian Myths, Symbols and Artifacts in the Arts and Cultures of the World

Assumes that there are surviving myths, symbols and artifacts that may be traced from probable pre-diluvian ‘lost lands’ revealed in the arts, myths, religion, etc. of the world

Session 3
Science and Social Sciences-Related Investigations, Issues and Controversies Pertaining to the Myths and Symbols

Presentation and evaluation of prehistoric, geological, linguistic, archeological, folkloric and genetic evidence to support, advance or critique Oppenheimer’s thesis

Session 4
Philippine-based Myths and Symbols on Mu and Lemuria : Views, Visions, Revelations and Prophecies from the Kapatiran Movement and Other Contemporary Folk and Urban Religious and ‘Esoteric’ Groups

Personal accounts and group narratives by kapatiran, folk,, popular, and urban religious and ‘esoteric’ groups in the Philippines

Session 5
Rediscovering the Ancient Myths and Symbols of the Flood, Lost Lands and Drowned Continents in the World for the New Millennium : Visions, Strategies, Programs and Innovations

Visions, programs, projects and innovative applications of the mythic theme and motifs for individual, national, regional, and global cooperation, harmony, renewal, transformation, healing, empowerment and liberation for the New Millennium

Session 6
Contemporary Flood Stories, Lost Communities and Drowned Lands : Emergent, Continuing, and Evolving Narratives on Current and Future Catastrophic Threats to Human and Planetary Survival

Personal narratives of contemporary experiences based on catastrophic events such as flooding, earthquakes, landslides, tsunamis, tornadoes, etc.

Session 7
Open Topics

Any topic connected with or linked to the Conference Theme but not listed in the given session topics ; can be on myths and symbols studies methodology, etc. Please send your panel topics proposals to the Conference Director