Academic Policies

I. Rules on Admission

A. For Incoming Freshmen

  1. To be admitted in the BS Biology program, a freshman must:
  • have passed the UPCAT and
  • obtained a UPG within cut-off for the BS Biology program set by the Admissions Committee of the college

2. Applicants who have satisfied the foregoing requirements will be ranked according to their UPG scores. The top ranked freshmen will be admitted until the quota for BS Biology program is filled.

3. In case of ties for the last slot(s) in the quota, all applicants with the same UPG scores will be ranked on the basis of their scores in the Science portion of the UPCAT.



B. For Transferees

  1. Applicants who intend to transfer in the BS Biology program must:
  • have earned at least thirty (30) units within the UP system
  • have a General Weighted Average (GWA) of 2.0 or better
  • have not been guilty of any offense within his residence in the university
  1. The number of applicants who will be admitted into the BS Biology program each year will depend on the number of available slots.                           


II. Rules on Retention

A BS Biology student is evaluated on the basis of her/his grades in her/his major subjects. A major subject is any Biology, Zoology, or Botany course. Evaluation is done at the end of each semester.

A. GOOD STANDING– a student must have a Semestral Weighted Average (SWA) of at least 2.75 in all major subjects taken in the particular semester

B. WARNING– if the student’s SWA is lower than 2.75 for the first time

C. PROBATION– if the student’s SWA falls below 2.75 for the second time, the General Weighted Average (GWA) of all major courses will be taken. If her/his GWA is at least 2.75 or better, he/she is placed under probation.


            1. If GWA based on II-C is lower than 2.75, the student is disqualified from the program.

            2. If the student’s SWA falls below 2.75 for the third time, he/she is disqualified from the program.



III. Rules on Graduation

A. In order to graduate with a degree of BS Biology, a student must have a GWA of 2.75 or better.

B. In case of a graduating student’s GWA falls under 2.75, he/she is required to enroll in and pass at least one 4– or 5-unit major elective.

            N.B.: A student must also be guided by the University Rules on Scholastic Delinquency,


IV. Department of Biology Policies

A. Program Requirement

Students are required to taking Swimming Course for PE 2 in preparation for aquatic field activities required in many biology courses.

B. Course Requirements

Please refer to syllabi of your respective subjects for specifics of course requirements.

C. Grading Scheme

Grading Scheme
Grading scheme used in DB

D. Rules on Scholastic Integrity

            The DB rules on scholastic integrity will be strictly enforced. However, these will not prejudice any disciplinary action that might be imposed by the college authorities.

    1. Cheating in any form, pre-meditated or non pre-meditated, in  any written tests (quizzes, practical exams, major exams etc.) will be penalized with a grade of 5.00 for the course. The student cannot avoid getting a 5.00 by dropping the course.
    2. Pre-meditated cheating includes the use of concealed notes, books, and other secret techniques (such as examination by proxy, intellectual negotiations inside the comfort rooms, etc.)
    3. Non pre-meditated cheating includes looking at somebody’s work, talking to classmates, and other “on the spot” violations.