Our Statement of Mission and Vision

Submitted by DB_Admin on Wed, 04/19/2017 - 23:15

     The Department of Biology is an academic unit
     within the College of Arts and Sciences whose
     three-fold mission includes instruction, research
     and extension services...

     The primary mission of the Department is to
     serve as a center of excellence in the pursuit of
     knowledge and careers in the biological

     It shall produce outstanding and humane 
     biologist who can teach, conduct research and 
     pursue advanced studies in biology and related 

     It shall prove its relevance to society through 
     instruction, research, and extension work that 
     addresses the health, socioeconomic and 
     environmental concerns of the nation...

     The mission shall be achieved by providing 
     the highest quality of professional education 
     in the biological sciences. Furthermore, it shall 
     foster collaboration and linkages with other 
     institutions, provide competency training for 
     community service and promote advocacy 
     concerning national issues...