Preventing a workplace injury is more complicated than simply providing a safe working environment and to CAS, the health and safety of students, faculty, staff, and public is of paramount importance. CAS aims to be UP Manila’s leader in safety practices.

As part of Dean Leonardo Estacio’s "RISE UP CAS” initiative, improved safety awareness programs and standards are a significant item in the agenda. To the safety goals of the College, CAS trains individuals on safe working practices and requirements for safety.

Associate Professor Samuel M. Go, Head of Occupational Health and Safety Committee of CAS recently completed the six week Training Program for Laboratory Biosafety and Bio-security Officer conducted by the UP Manila Institutional Biosafety and Bio-Security Committee. Now a certified Biosafety Officer, he presented and outlined items which CAS needed to accomplish to support and comply with the Health and Safety Policy of the university during a seminar attended by CAS administrative staff and officials. He stressed that the Occupational and Health Safety (OHS) Program needed to focus equally on mental; physical; and wellness health of workers as well as safety issues.

The UP Manila Biosafety and Bio-Security Committee has established partnership with the Biosecurity Engagement Program of the US Department of State to promote and strengthen laboratory biosafety and biosecurity in the Philippines.

According to Prof. Go, OHS aims to strike a balance between wellness and employee productivity by providing workplace environment to promote health for everyone. As the National Health Science center, UP Manila is committed to protect its most important resource, the workforce to ensure that the highest degree of physical emotional and social well-being is achieved for its employees.(DAEstanislao)

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