CAS Student Summit 2018

On 7 - 8 September 2018, 60 student-leaders from the College of Arts and Sciences, representing student organizations and degree program blocks of all year levels, gathered for a two-day training-conference to learn about the mental health and the basics of peer counselling.

With the theme of "Building strong: Establishing peer counselling support in the College of Arts and Sciences," the Summit aims to build a core group of volunteers who will be trained to serve their fellow students through peer counseling. This is in response to the University's mandate of creating a more nurturing environment for its students.

This year's Summit was organized by the College of Arts and Sciences, in partnership with #MentalHealthPH, which provided social media support during the conference. 

Day 1 featured fora among students and experts who equippted the participants with a good understanding of the concept of mental health and its status in the University and the country.

  • Dr. Leonardo R. Estacio, Jr.
    Professor & Dean, College of Arts and Sciences

    Dean Estacio's welcome remarks focused on the significant role of student-leaders as first responders or psychological aid providers to peers, classmates, and friends with mental health issues. Peer counseling, he said, is one skill that they should be equipped with to do this.
  • Dr. Carmencita D. Padilla
    Professor & Chancellor, University of the Philippines Manila

    Chancellor Padilla's keynote speech highlighted the significance of mental health issues in UP Manila and the University's commitment in providing a holistic response to these. She also relates her personal experience in responding to a University student who attempted commit suicide. (The Chancellor was represented by Dr. Blesile Suzette Mantaring, Director of the Office of Student Affairs, UP Manila). 
  • Dr. Gia Sison
    National Adviser, Youth for Mental Health Coalition, Inc.

    Dr. Sison presented the history and the salient points of the Mental Health Law, highlighting the idea that mental health is a right for all Filipinos. She also identified some basic requirements for academic and professional institutions for the promotion of mental health.
  • Dr. Constantine L. Yu Chua
    Chief Resident, Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Medicine, Philippine General Hospital

    Dr. Chua presented the common sources of mental health problems for young adults, factors in resilience building, and the role of schools in mitigating mental health issues.
  • Mr. Arnold B. Suson
    Licensed Guidance Counselor, PhD student in Clinical Christian Counseling, Asia Graduate School of Theology

    Focusing on the spiritual aspect of well-being, Mr. Sison explained well-being in terms of the need for restoration of one's original good state and the spiritual healing process as a guide for peer counseling.
  • Dr. Blesile Suzette S. Mantaring
    Director, Office of Student Affairs, University of the Philippines Manila

    Dr. Mantaring presented statistics on the state of mental health in UP Manila and explained the role of Psychosocial Wellness Network in providing mental health services in the University. She also presented the mental health app that will be launched during the mental health month in October.
  • Dr. Raymond John S. Naguit
    National Chairperson, Youth for Mental Health Coalition, Inc.

    Drawing from his experience as a student-leader and community organizer, Dr. Naguit expounded on the power of student organizations in uplifting the mental health status of their communities.

Day 2 focused on the learning of basic peer counseling skills through lectures and simulations. The training was facilitated by Ms. Eleanor Carballo, a lecturer at the Department of Behaviorial Sciences of the College of Arts and Sciences.

- written by the Office for Student Services