Manila Studies Program

Established in 1988, it is the research unit of the College of Arts and Sciences of the University of the Philippines Manila.  It is named in the honor of the late Professor Alfredo S. Tiamson who conceptualized and developed the program.  He is also its first convenor.

The MSP conducts multidisciplinary research principally on urbanization and the problems associated with it.  In earlier years, its geographical focus was Manila, being the immediate environ of UP Manila.  Over the years, however, it has expanded its research interests to human rights, social justice and governance not only in Manila but in other urban centers as well.

Currently, MSP aims to strengthen the research capacity of its home college by strengthening the research activities of each department as well as encouraging multidisciplinal research across departments.  MSP is also reinforcing its capability to translate research outcomes to evidence that is accessible to and usable by policy makers, communities and NGO's.  

Furthermore, MSP conducts capability building in multidisciplinary and ethical research with clientele coming from UP, government agencies, other academic institutions and community workers.

Selected research works have also been published by MSP.


Primary Goals

1. Institutionalization of Regular Research Dissemination Fora

2. Research Capacitation through Workshops / Training

3. Formation of a College Committee on Research

4. Formation of Research Groups

5. Development/Reinforcement of Research Dissemination Tools

6. Development of Stronger Linkages with Research Funding Agencies