Student Certificates

Student Certificates

This page contains instructions on getting certificates and forms from the College.

Office of the College Secretary

  • TCG - True Copy of Grades
  • COE - Certifacate of Enrollment
  • CCG - Certificate of Candidacy for Graduation
  • CGWA - Certificate of General Weighted Average (Graduates Only)
  • CSS - Certificate of Senior Standing
  • COYL - Certificate of Year Level
  • CMI - Certificate of Medium of Instruction
  • CUE - Certificate of Units Earned


Office of Student Services

HOW to APPLY for a CERTIFICATE OF GOOD MORAL CHARACTER from C.A.S - O.S.S.G.P (Step-by-Step Process)

  1. Get the prescribed REQUEST FORM from our office (O.S.S.G.P).
  2. Fill out the form COMPLETELY and please WRITE LEGIBLY. Make sure to write your FULL NAME, SEX, STUDENT NUMBER, SIGNATURE, DATE, NUMBER OF COPIES, PURPOSE, and COURSE. Also indicate whether you are an UNDERGRADUATE or GRADUATE student.
  3. Proceed to the CASHIER’S OFFICE at the Old NEDA Building. Pay TWENTY PESOS (P20.00) per copy of certificate.
  4. Kindly return the REQUEST FORM to our office (O.S.S.G.P.).
  5. Make sure to KEEP your OFFICIAL RECEIPT. Present your receipt when claiming your certificate. NO OFFICIAL RECEIPT, NO CERTIFICATE.
  6. Certificates may be claimed usually after THREE (3) WORKING DAYS. Signatories include the O.S.S.G.P. Coordinator and the C.A.S. Dean.
  7. Our office (O.S.S.G.P.) DOES NOT certify ‘TRUE COPY’ of certificates.


Letter of Recommendation from the Dean (for Higher Studies)

In case you need a letter of recommendation from the Dean (that is, aside from the certificate of good moral character duly signed by the Dean), please follow these procedures:

1. Student submits a letter of request indicating the need for a recommendation letter from the Dean (addressed to the Dean) with his/her contact number and email address for follow-up – hard and soft copies.
2. Student also submits a draft of the recommendation letter (with proper addressee i.e. the school, which requests the recommendation letter as well as the degree program like Doctor of Medicine and Juris Doctor) – hard and soft copies.

a. full name

b. year and course

c. year of graduation

d. strengths, unique capabilities, why he/she must be accepted to the program

e. OPTIONAL – to state the student's academic standing (e.g. cum laude, College/University Scholar for the past semester/s, GWA) in the letter, attach the certified True Copy of Grades from the Office of the College Secretary as proof

f. OPTIONAL – to mention in the letter that the student has no record or pending case of misconduct, etc., attach the Certificate of Good Moral Character from the Office of Student Services and Gender Program as evidence

3. Send the hard copies to the Dean's Office, Room 101, Rizal Hall, CAS.

4. Send the soft copies to

5. Only after sending BOTH the hard and soft copies, the recommendation letter will be processed.

6. Recommendation letter can be claimed FIVE(5) WORKING DAYS after sending the hard and soft copies.


Letter of Recommendation from the Dean (for Research Grants)

Please follow these procedures:

1. Student requests a letter of recommendation from the Department Chair. Make it sure that the letter is duly signed by him/her.

2. After securing the signed recommendation letter from the Department Chair, forward the letter to the secretary of the Dean's Office for Dean's signature.

3. Recommendation letter can be claimed THREE (3) WORKING DAYS after giving it to the Dean's Office.