Letter of Recommendation from the Dean for Higher Studies

In case you need a letter of recommendation from the Dean, please follow these procedures:

  1. Student submits a letter of request indicating the need for a recommendation letter from the Dean (addressed to the Dean) with his/her contact number and email address for follow-up – soft copy only.
  2. Student must also submit a draft of the recommendation letter (with proper addressee i.e. the school, which requests the recommendation letter as well as the degree program like Doctor of Medicine or Law) – soft copy only.
    1. full name
    2. year and course
    3. year of graduation
    4. strengths, unique capabilities, why he/she must be accepted to the program
    5. Submit:
      • Original or Certified True Copy of Grades from the Office of the College Secretary (undergraduate) or Official Transcript of  Records (if graduated)
      • Certificate of Good Moral Character from the Office of Student Services and Gender Program as evidence
  3. Send the soft copies to deansreport@gmail.com. (Note: The email deansreport@gmail.com is intended for use only in the request for recommendation letter as provided in the guidelines.)
  4. Only after sending the soft copy of all required documents will the request for recommendation letter be considered. If approved, the recommendation letter will be prepared, and will be sent you at the email address which you provided after 7 working days.