College Overview

The College of Arts and Sciences provides a high-quality liberal arts education to its students, and students from the other colleges at UP Manila. The CAS faculty includes national and international leaders in their respective disciplines that include physical sciences, mathematics, computer science, social sciences, behavioral sciences, arts and the humanities. The College of Arts and Sciences is a diverse community composed of students, faculty members, and staff from all over the country and around the globe. It believes not only in the inclusion of diverse groups in the academic community, but in making the study of diversity an important part of academic inquiry. Students in the college learn to think critically and analytically about race, ethnicity, and the global world through the course offerings of the six CAS departments.. Complementing the course offerings are supplementary programs designed to recognize academic excellence in the students, enhance the undergraduate experience, and prepare students for graduate and professional schools in UP. Established as a University Extension Division in 1951, the College has evolved into a college offering 10 undergraduate courses and 3 masters degrees to more than 2,500 students. The present Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences is Dr. Maria Constancia O. Carrillo of the Department of Physical Sciences and Mathematics.


The transformational leader in health-oriented education, research, and public service in the humanities and the sciences


  1. To engage in participative production, sharing and use of knowledge that will enhance human capability and agency in teaching, research, community partnership, and advocacy towards health and well-being, freedom, and social justice.
  2. To produce competent, compassionate, and ethical leaders, professionals, and innovators in the humanities and sciences