Dr. Glenn L. Sia Su – University Scientist III

Glen Sia Su

Dr. Glenn Sia Su finished his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Public Health at University of the Philippines Manila and his Doctorate degree in Environmental Science at University of the Philippines Los BaƱos. Currently, he is an Environmental Biology, Ecosystem Health and Public Health Researcher.

Dr. Sia Su has 59 publications. His PhD dissertation is all about the Health Impacts of People Working on Hazardous Places like Payatas Dumpsite. He did an economic valuation of the cost gained and loss in working in hazardous places. His latest publication is about the Air Pollution Tolerance Index of Selected Trees in Major Roadsides of Metro Manila, Philippines.

Because of the various publications he had published and his interest in research, he has received various awards such as OYS for Environmental Science (2016), University Scientist I, and now University Scientist III.

Dr. Sia Su has this advice for aspiring young researchers: “Enjoy research and enjoy your graduate school. Academics is just one. You have to equip yourselves by doing trainings. In graduate school, build connections and build linkages because in the future, those people who you work with will be the same people who can help you. You have to continue reading and expose yourself to new materials. When somebody trusts and believes in you, you should try to work hard so that you won’t break that trust.”

Dr. Sia Su’s advice really is a helpful one. Hopefully young researchers will be inspired to pursue research.