CAS Alumni Among 2021 TOYM Awardees

Ten exemplary Filipinos were announced by the Junior Chamber International Philippines (JCI) as 2021’s honorees for The Outstanding Young Men and Women (TOYM) awards. These 10 Filipinos rendered meritorious acts of selfless service for others during the COVID-19 pandemic.

This year’s theme for the TOYM awards is “Everyday Leaders Enabling Extraordinary Impact.” The “Everyday Leaders” who contributed to the betterment of Philippine society through their selfless dedication in their professions. Their dedication has lit a fire among the community and society, inspiring others to work relentlessly and dedicatedly beyond the responsibilities of their vocation.

The College of Arts and Sciences are proud to have its alumni recognized for their admirable service during the pandemic.

Among the 10 TOYM Honorees who were recognized for their admirable service during the pandemic are two UP Manila College of Arts and Sciences alumni.

Ariestelo A. Asilo, a UPM CAS Master of Management – Business Management graduate from the year 2018, is currently a nutripreneur and coffee researcher whose agri-food enterprise was selected last 2021 by the United Nations as one of the 50 Best Small Businesses in the world. He is the Program Leader of the PhilCAFE Grant from the US Department of Agriculture, a YSEALI Professional Fellow on Economic Empowerment at the US State Department, the President of the Peace Corps Scholars and Alumni Association, and the Co-founder, COO, and Corporate Secretary of Circa 1740 Coffee. He also co-organized the non-governmental organization Rise Against Hunger, for Social Entrepreneurship.

Dr. Melvin J. Sanicas, a UPM CAS BS Biology graduate from the year 2011, is a physician-scientist specializing in vaccines, infectious diseases, and global health. He is a Fellow of the Royal Society for Public Health, a Fellow of the Royal Society for Tropical Medicine and Hygiene, and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts. He is currently an internationally recognized Filipino COVID-19 expert in Science and Medicine.

We are very proud to extend our congratulations to two of our alumni who never failed to bring pride to our University. The UP Manila College of Arts and Sciences community proudly congratulates Mr. Asilo and Dr. Sanicas for exemplifying and upholding the university’s tradition of honor and excellence in their respective fields in pursuit of service to the people. Padayon, mga isko!