Kinétwork Wins First Place in the Fourth Meeting of Innovation and Creativity for Internationalization at Home

Two BS Computer Science students from DPSM were part of this year’s winning team in the concluded
Fourth Meeting of Innovation and Creativity for Internationalization at Home. Allan Chester Ellorinco
and John Homer de Leon participated as developers and were advised by Professor Ma. Sheila Magboo.
They were also joined by students from ENES León, UNAM, which was made up of Valeria Abigail
Cabrera Lira (Physiotherapy 4th year- Orthopedics), Lietza Michel Velázquez Martínez (Physiotherapy
4th year-Orthopedics), Mariana Abigail Arriaga Araujo (Territorial Development 2nd year), and Sofía Itzel
Hernández Hernández (Industrial Economics 3rd year), under the tutorship of Dr. Mauricio Ravelo
The winning team was able to create an app called Kinétwork, a digital platform that enables
physiotherapists to connect and engage with their patients. It aspires to revolutionize and facilitate the
delivery of remote physiotherapy treatments in a way that is more individualized, secure, and high-
Through the application of technology and innovation, this meeting aims to connect students and
professors from Guanajuato institutions with their international peers to address an issue. The
categories in which the teachers and students can register are: 1. Educational Innovation 2. Clean
Energies and Sustainability 3. Social Projects 4. Technological Projects 5. Innovation in Products and
Services. Kinétwork won the first prize in the Innovation in Products and Services group.