BA OrCom holds TATSULOK OrComference 2024

Juniors of the Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Communication (BA OrCom) held TATSULOK OrComference 2024 with a title “Finding a Common Ground Through Communication” at the UP Manila Little Theater on April 17, 2024. This conference was an annual event organized by BA OrCom students.

Marjohara Tucay discussing the role of communication in advocating for social change

TATSULOK aimed to bring together individuals from various backgrounds to foster a deeper understanding of communication’s role in bringing divides and achieving common ground. Highlight of the conference included talk/lecture from invited speakers. Mr. Stephen Pamorada, a cultural worker and entrepreneur, spoke about the role of communication in cultural heritage. Mr. Marjohara Tucay discussed the role of communication in social change. Mr. Tucay is a community journalist and news producer for Altermidya Network. Mr. Sean Francisco shared his experience on how “the power of communication propelled their business to success.” Mr. Christian Nacorda, an Integrated Marketing Communications specialist, shared how “his mastery of communication catapults him towards his achievements.”

Sean Francisco discussing the power of communication propelled their business to success
Stephen Pamorada as he talks about how communication plays a role in the progression and development of cultural heritage

The event was open to all UP Manila students. Altabay Solutions, a statistical and research consultancy group, gave away three free thesis consultations for students at their booth during the conference.

The College of Arts and Sciences congratulates the BA OrCom students for this event.


(Article by Maria Enedina Estanislao)

Christian Nacorda shares his mastery of communication catapulting him towards his achievements