DevStud Showcases Student Research Outputs

The Department of Social Sciences (DSS) through the Development Studies Program showcased the research outputs of their students in their yearly Research Colloquium, with this year’s theme, “KRITIKAUSWAGAN: Development Research Praxis 2024”.

The colloquium was held last June 7, 2024 and was participated in by eight of the best thesis nominees of the Class 2024 of the program.

Lloyd Jetender T. Manango, won the Best Thesis Award for his research titled, “From ‘Cradle of the Philippine Republic’ to ‘Conversion Hotspot’: Examining Land Use Conversion of Protected Highly Productive Irrigated Rice Paddies in Malolos City, Philippines”. It was followed by Jhet Scott Q. Cruz on his study on “Socio-spatial Implications of Housing-Employment Mismatch: A Mixed-Method Case Study of Labor Market Outcomes and Subaltern Realities of Households in Southville 8 Peri-Urban Relocation Site” and Melissa Julianne T. Allauigan with her research focusing on “Harvesting Inequality: A Critical Impact Assessment of the Rice Competitiveness Enhancement Fund (RCEF)’s implementation in Sta. Cruz, Laguna”, in second place. The study, “The Patients’ Journey to NCD Management: Enablers and Disablers on the Engagement in the Hypertension and Diabetes Mellitus Continuum of Care in Marinduque, Philippines” by Hanshien Marie S. Montenegro placed third.

The colloquium was paneled by Ms. Amihan Euza Mabalay, Mr. Brandon Polo Ortiguerra, Ms. Trisha Ann Tarun, and Mr. Walter Villegas, who were all alumni of the program.