Department of Behavioral Sciences (DBS)


A center of excellence in Behavioral Sciences and health policy, guided by the ideals of  integrity, service, professionalism, nationalism and internationalism.



  • To be the provider and leader of excellent and responsive education, research and service in the Behavioral Sciences and health policy.


Program Offered

  • Bachelor of Arts in Behavioral Sciences
    • The program uses an interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary approach, integrating the fields of Anthropology, Psychology, and Sociology to equip students with the knowledge and skills to understand the dynamics of human behavior and related issues in the context of the Filipino psyche, society and culture.

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Enrico U Baula, MA

Assistant Professor 1

Environmental Social Science  and Education

Mary Jane Louise A Bolunia, PhD

Professorial Lecturer 2


Dindo P Cafe, PhD

Assistant Professor 7

Community Development, Rural Sociology

Eleanor R Carballo, MA

Senior Lecturer 1

Clinical Psychology

Marilyn E Crisostomo, MS

Senior Lecturer 2

Public Health, Biostatistics

Jocelyn C Del Mundo, PhD

Professorial Lecturer 5

Sociology, Demography

Ma Teresa G De Guzman, PhD

Professor 3

Applied Anthropologist, Heritage Forensics, Humanistic Forensics, Disaster Risk Management

Leonardo R Estacio Jr, PhD

Professor 12

Community Organizing and Development, Behavioral Health and Addictive Behaviors, Public Health and Health Policy

Klein Fernandez, PhD

Affiliate Faculty


Ame M Garong, PhD

Professorial Lecturer 2


Lawrence Archie P Geneta, MA

Assistant Professor 3

Personality and Clinical Psychology

Laufred I Hernandez, MA

Professor 1

Medical Anthropology, Public Health

Kachela A Mariano, MA

Senior Lecturer 2


Andrea B Martinez, PhD

Assistant Professor 6

Global mental health, behavioral science, child protection, women’s rights, psychosocial interventions

Gaea Marelle J Miranda, MS 

Assistant Professor 2

Clinical Psychology

Marie Diane Y Monsada, MA 

Assistant Professor 1

Developmental Psychology, Children’s Development

Janelle Rose D Tan

Instructor 2


Veronica Blanche V Tan

Lecturer 2

Lalaine Quinan, MD

Senior Lecturer 1