Department of Physical Education (DPE)


  • A community of individuals embodying self-responsibility in achieving the optimum level of wellness.
  • Develop competent and innovative exercise science professionals to serve the needs of the general population and people with special needs.
  • Be at par with international standards in fields of exercise and physical activity through research and application


The Department of Physical Education aims to develop a healthy and active lifestyle among its students by providing the academic and non-academic learning in fitness, sports, dance and recreation. Specifically, the department intends:

  • To instill values of sportsmanship, equality, fairness, respect, excellence and friendship through sports, fitness and recreation;
  • To appreciate and discover culture and the arts through sports, fitness and recreation;
  • To equip students with health and well-being concepts for lifestyle modification;
  • To establish significant contributions to the awareness of physical activity, recreation, and culture;
  • To conduct scientific research in the multidisciplinary field of exercise, physical activity and recreation;
  • To improve camaraderie among students and among faculty members through exercise, physical activity and recreation
  • To exemplify proficiency in a variety of exercise-related professions as responsible and effective communicators, managers, consultants, trainers, instructors, educators, researchers and specialists.