Department of Social Sciences (DSS)


A leading exemplar of academic professionals committed to promoting a nationalist, democratic, scientific, and health-oriented education in the social sciences.


  • To provide the highest standards of academic instruction and innovative teaching methods in the field of the social sciences;
  • To produce outstanding social scientists who will serve as paragons in advancing the interest of the Filipino people while upholding the values of freedom, social justice, and international humanitarianism;
  • To conduct inter-disciplinary collaboration and relevant studies in the social sciences which address various concerns and problems of the Philippine society and the globalized world.

Programs Offered

  • Bachelor of Arts in Social Sciences¬†(Area Studies)
    • The program is a multi- and trans-disciplinary program that studies specific geographical and cultural areas, in particular the Philippines and Asia, utilizing the different social science disciplines of history, politics, economics, geography, anthropology, and sociology. The program prepares the students for careers in teaching, research, policy studies, advocacy works, and employment in NGOs, government and private offices, and in the civil society sector.
    • It is also very good preparation for law school and graduate studies in any field of the social sciences. With its extensive social science preparation and basic knowledge of a non-English foreign language, the degree also serves as excellent preparation for a career in the diplomatic service or in a multi-cultural work environment.
  • Bachelor of Arts in Political Science
    • The program is multidisciplinary and covers the traditional study of politics, emerging issues on health social sciences, Islamic and other religious movements, peace and conflict resolution, human rights, gender studies, sustainable development and the organizing, ethics to people’s diplomacy, from the static approach to the civil society approach. The program offers opportunities in law, teaching, research, advocacy, and foreign service and international affairs.
  • Bachelor of Arts in Developmental Studies
    • The program is a multi-disciplinal social science program, combining economics, political science, and cultural studies. The graduates of Development Studies easily find careers in the undertaking and supervision of socio-economics projects both in the local and international sciences, in government institutions, in the foreign service, non-government organization, and in the academe.
    • The course also offers opportunities in business, particularly in the fields of economic and financial analysis and managerial work. It could also serve as a preparatory course for taking up law studies.


Julian Jr V Advincula

Assistant Professor

Political Science, Social Science, Military Politics,
Education and Training

Chester Antonino C Arcilla

Associate Professor

Urban Studies, Urban Political Econimy, Housing, Marxist Georgraphy, Subaltern Studies

Clarinda L Berja

Assistant Professor

Social Research Methods, Political Theory and Analysis, Social Statistics, Social Policy and Development

Ariel S Betan

Associate Professor

Social Science Informatics, Philippine Studies

Celestina P Boncan



Alvin D Campomanes


Philippine, Asian and World History

Sharon A Caringal

Assistant Professor

Philippine and Asian History

Bernardo Jr N Caslib

Assistant Professor

Ethics, Applied Ethics, Values Education, Social and Political Philosophy, Philosophy of Education, Philosophy of Love and Sex, Ancient Philosophy, Medieval Philosophy, Philosophy of Man

Beatrice A Fernandez


Philippine Government and Politics

Mary Dorothy DL Jose

Associate Professor

Women Studies, Philippine Studies

Bernard Leo M Karganilla

Associate Professor

Philippine and Asian History, Public Administration

Jose Mari H Lanuza

Assistant Professor

Election, Voting and Democratization, Political Communication

Ruth Shane E Legaspi

Assistant Professor

Development Studies

Rommel F Linatoc

Assistant Professor

Media and Development Studies; Theology and Community Development

Allan Joseph F Mesina

Assistant Professor

Environmental Management, Urban & Regional Planning

Jerome A Ong

Assistant Professor

Philippine History, Philippine Studies

Jose Mikhail F Perez

Assistant Professor

Philippine politics, Southeast Asian politics, International relations, and Peace & Conflict studies

John N Ponsaran

Assistant Professor

Development Studies, Public Management, Political Economy, Critical Media Literacy, Critical Pedagogy, Communication for Social Change, Social Justice Communication, Political Economy of Health,  Interdisciplinarity

Carl Marc L Ramota

Assistant Professor

Social Movements, International Politics, Elections, Public Administration

Wensley M Reyes

Associate Professor

Local History, Rizal Studies, Philippine History, History Education, Social Studies Education

Ma Paula G Sioco

Associate Professor

Philosophy (Ethics and Moral Reasoning)

Reginald S Vallejos

Assistant Professor

Land Reform, Project Planning and Management, Participatory Governance, Community Development

Ignatius H Vinzons

Assistant Professor

Ethics, Philosophy of the Human Person, Existentialism