Enrollment (Undergraduate)


Registration period is per schedule indicated in the approved academic calendar. A student must be officially registered in order to receive credit for course work. “Officially
registered” means that the student has already gone through all the processes involved in
registration up to payment of fees. A student is officially registered if the student has duly
matriculated (20 March 1978; 682nd EC Meeting, 01 June 1978; 683rd EC Meeting).

No student shall be registered in any subject after one (1) week of regular class meetings has been held, unless the Dean, on the basis of his/her scholastic record, permits his/her registration; provided, that if registration is made outside the regular registration period indicated in the University calendar the student shall be subject to fine for late registration; provided, further, that a special student may register at any time without the payment of the fine for late registration subject to other regulations of the University.

A student may register for a particular subject within a semester when permissible under the system of instruction adopted by the college or school (Revised UP Code: Art. 332 p.83 as amended at the 232nd UC Meeting: 4 May 1967).

All students must be duly registered before they are allowed to attend classes. In view of the Board-approved policy that no qualified student shall be denied access to UP education due to financial incapacity, a student who is unable to pay the required tuition and other fees due to financial incapacity may apply for, and shall be granted, a loan from the Student Loan Board to complete the registration (Revised UP Code: Art. 330 p. 82, 790th BOR Meeting: 19 December 1969, 861st BOR Meeting: 29 May 1975, 1294th BOR Meeting: 16 December 2013).


NOTE: If the student is ineligible to enroll, please view Request for Readmission [WI-02]


Enrollment Checklist Form