The Office of the Gender Program

The Members of the Gender Studies Program

The Office of the Gender Program consists of seven faculty representing all departments in the college namely Professors Enrico Baula (DBS), Rochelle Brillantes (DB), Lorenzo David (DPE), Kenneth Rey Ong Recio (DAC), Ruth Shane Legaspi (DSS), and John Justin Mesias (DPSM). The Office is headed by its coordinator, Assistant Professor Jacqueline Baltasar.

Note: not in photo: Instructor Lorenzo David


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CAS Women’s Lockdown Diaries is a series of interviews with staff, students, and faculty members of the College of Arts and Sciences. We believe that everyone has a story to tell and can share important reflections where others can learn from. It will be witnessed in the videos how women show resilience during difficult circumstances. Note: Prior to participation in the interview, all interviewees have signed an informed consent form, indicating their willingness to have the interview recorded and published on CAS website, for the CAS community to watch and gain learning from.