Validation of Subjects


The admission of transfer students shall be on probation basis until such time s/he shall have validated or repeated all subjects taken outside the University according to the rule stated in the succeeding paragraph.
An admitted transfer student must validate all the courses s/he is offering for advanced credit at the rate of 18 units a semester within a period not exceeding three (3) semesters from the date of his/her admission. Failure to comply with this requirement would mean the cancellation of his/her registration privileges (Revised UP Code: Art. 359-e p.91).
An admitted transfer student may not be allowed to enroll in a subject or subjects the prerequisites of which, taken elsewhere, have not been validated or repeated in the University. The completion of one or two-year university education in a country where such is a prerequisite for admission to a bachelor’s International Baccalaureate Diploma (IBE) and degree program. Any or all of the above may be set aside in exceptional cases upon the recommendation of the Committee on Admission in units where admission of students is passed upon by this committee or by the Dean or Director concerned, upon approval of the Chancellor.
A student transferring from any recognized institution who possesses an Associate in Arts or its equivalent of sixty-six (66) units of work may be enrolled without needing to take validation exams. Before a student is allowed to major in any discipline, the major discipline. may prescribe up to 18 units of general education courses and/or preparatory courses for the major, as additional  courses. Candidates for a second baccalaureate degree will be required a written comprehensive  examination (Revised UP Code: Art. 360 p.91).
Application for advanced credit shall be made, using the prescribed form, to the University Registrar or to the Dean or Director of the college or school which offers the course for which advanced credit is applied. Validation tests begin two (2) weeks before the first day of registration of each semester and shall end one (1) week after the last day of registration. There is no fee for validation tests during this period. A validation test may be held outside of this period with the consent of the Department or Division Chair and approval of the Dean or Director and upon payment of a fee of PhP 20.00 per subject (Revised UP Code: Art. 362 p.92 as amended at 861st BOR Meeting: 29 May 1975; and 966th BOR Meeting: 29 March 1984).
Advanced standing may also be granted by the University Registrar to students graduated from an institution recognized by the University Council for subjects listed in the course or courses duly recognized. Advanced credit for work constituting only part of courses recognized by the  Council shall be awarded by departments or divisions concerned in accordance with the above provision on application for advanced credit (Revised UP Code: Art. 363 p. 92 as amended at 861st BOR Meeting: 29 May 1975).
The decision to grant advanced credit for subjects which are completed in other institutions, but which have no equivalent in the University, shall rest on the faculty of the unit concerned (Revised UP Code: Art. 363 p. 92).
Each college or school may promulgate rules for the admission of transfer students and the granting of advanced credit provided they are not inconsistent with the general rules set by the University Council (Revised UP Code: Art. 366 p. 93).
[Refer to the UP Academic Information document]