12th International eConference: Forensic Physics on December 11-12, 2021

TO REGISTER: https://www.forensicevents.com/event-detail/Forensic-Physics_123#eventRegistration

Forensic involves a multidisciplinary approach of science and other domains, also including physics that take account of the various properties of evidence like glass, soil, and related materials. Though unexplored, it plays a crucial role in the investigation and punishing the offender as not all crime scenes deliver relevant evidence. This forum of researchers, scientific officers, and students takes account of the challenges faced as of scarcity of evidence and giving importance to the rare yet important evidence examined through forensic physics. 

The participants can share their valuable knowledge in the form of presenting e-poster and paper at our conference which will be scrutinized by our esteemed jury based on their knowledge and presentation skills. The appearances of e-poster and paper would be duly acknowledged and should stay parallel to the theme of the conference i.e. Forensic Physics The best paper will be published in our Academic Journal of Forensic Sciences and as a token of appreciation, the participants will be awarded scientific excellence awards