Department of Arts and Communication (DAC)


A diverse community of artists, professionals, and scholars  engaged in interdisciplinary teaching and research, and public service in the arts, communication, and health


  • To provide a more holistic approach to health education by applying complementary frameworks that encompass human experience and creativity
  • To produce graduates with a humanistic, cultural, and spiritual orientation in health, and communicative skills and competence in various linguistic modes and media in the context of arts in communities and organizations
  • To apply the arts and various artistic traditions for nation-building, social transformation, and bridging local, national, and international tangible and intangible artistic heritage for a holistic human well-being

Courses Offered

  • Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Communication
    • This program seeks to address the ever-increasing demand for expertise in modern communication as related to organizations in the Philippines.
    • The program aims to present a holistic perspective of organizational dynamics in the modern century by focusing on organization-related communication skills.
  • Bachelor of Arts in Philippine Arts
    • The program focuses on the study of Philippine art within the context of national culture and history, with special attention to its contribution to the definition and formation of a national identity and the role it plays in social transformation.
    • The program provides rich sources of information and insights into Filipino consciousness and values that are essential to the student’s appreciation of his/her cultural heritage and understanding of himself/herself and his/her relationship with society.